D.I.Y. Dancer Tips: Got Sexy?

We have all seen her. The dancer that made the belly dance show an erotic journey of the likes we'll never forget. Nonetheless, how much 'sexy' is too sexy?

You Want Tops? We Got Tops!

Nothing can spark up that belly dance outfit of yours like a stunning, jaw-dropping top. Whether for a show on the road or a show at home.

Belly Dance Dresses

The term "belly dance" is a translation of the French phrase "danse du ventre" which was applied to the dance in the Victorian era. It is something of a misnomer as every part of the body is involved in the dance; the most featured body part usually is the hips. Belly dance takes in many different forms depending on country and region, both in costume and dance style, and new styles have evolved in the West as its popularity has spread globally. Exclusively brought to you by Diamond Pyramid, here is the essential selection of belly dance dresses and costumes.

Hip Scarves

Diamond Pyramid offers the finest selection of hip scarves you will ever find available with a price that is unmatched. The highest in quality fabrics for beautifully hand-made hip scarves. Lavish designs and sequins that will make your hips pop and selections with beautifully crafted coins that will make you hips sway as melodies in motion. Our hip scarves have been featured on television, stage plays, street performances, and of course on-stage belly dance show cases. You will not find a finer selection of hip scarves anywhere else in the world.


When it comes to live performing, no other instrument provides the power and flavor of the drum. From the simbati to the doholla style drums, the sounds produced from percussion instruments often act as the rhythm's emotional direction--slow and dramatic or fast and elaborate--the drum is the listener's travel guide on the musical journey. Diamond Pyramid's drums are ideal for delivering that impactful sound we all have grown to love in belly dancing music today.
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